Research services

Qualitative Surveys

  • Focus groups (medium and long duration).
  • Mini-groups.
  • Creative Projection Groups.
  • Double Groups (Test).
  • Interactive Web Test Groups.
  • In-depth interviews.
  • One-to-One Interviews.
  • Qualitative pseudo-buys.

Quantitative Surveys

  • Personal Interviews.
  • Phone Surveys (CATI* System).
  • Mail Surveys.
  • Internet surveys.
  • Mistery Shopping.
  • Statistical treatment:
    • Crossed tabulation
    • Multivariable Analysis

* Computer Assistant Telephone Interview. We have more than 180 positions for interviewing. The System is implemented at our Field Unit Análisis Survey Unit

Desk Research

Análisis e Investigación prepares Desk Research (analyzing different internal external sources of information of the customer) as specific research or as support for the execution of other researches.

Mistery Shopping

Análisis e Investigación has long experience in this technique in different sectors (financial, transport, food, beauty care, household appliances, etc.) The combination of situations of simulated buys and observation allows us to establish a diagnosis of key aspects of the service, as well as of the external factors associated with it.

  • Definition of the roles of the pseudo-buyer and variable to observe.
  • Elaboration of guidelines for pseudo buys / observation.
  • Questionnaire design for collecting information.
  • Statistical treatment of the collected information.
  • Quantitative analysis if the results.
  • Diagnosis of the situation (internal and/or competition).
  • Continuous monitoring systems.

Computing Centre

Análisis e Investigación has its own computing centre with professional expertise for recording and/or tabulating of all kind of data:

  • Depuration.
  • Codification of open questions.
  • Recording.
  • Tabulation (in PDF / Excel format).
  • Multivariate analysis.
  • Weighting / sample balancing.
  • Import / export in different formats (Barbwin, SPSS, ASCII Plano Columnado, ASCII separated by tabulations, etc.).

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