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Análisis e Investigación has a large ream for the design and programming of questionnaires in the internet. The security and reliability are guaranteed thanks to the net of our own high performance servers.


This is a portal integrally developed by Análisis e Investigación equipped with high value interactive tools for the capture of information (forums, blogs, questionnaires, etc.).

  • As a concept, SensorsPanel® is midway between a "virtual community" and a qualitative opinion panel.
  • It works as a sensor of the market evolution and as a marketing anticipation lever.
  • It is flexible and can be adapted to the tactics objectives and needs of customers.


It is a process:

  • For the creation of Consumer Intimacy, researching in depth and ethnographically a large period of time.
  • For the creation of Insight Output, introducing this information into the organization and cooperating in the decision making for the continuous improvement of the communication, commercialization and branding of the company.

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