Institutional studies

Análisis e Investigación has implemented within its information compilation processes the strictest controls and internal procedures that have allowed us to adapt ourselves to the field methodologies of the main institutions of statistical character operating in our country.

Today, Análisis e Investigación is one of the companies usually collaborating in the compilation of different operations of the INE - the Spanish Statistics Institute, the organism in charge of the overall coordination of the statistical services of the General Administration of the State.

One of the most relevant milestones in the recent history of this company was its participation un the different compiling processes of the Agrarian Census of 2009, a large scale statistical operation during which we have gathered information from 1,400,000 farms.

Some of the different tasks usually implemented by Análisis e Investigación during this kind of statistical operations are:

  • Enrichment works of the sample frame.
  • Development of ad hoc software applications for handling and monitoring the field work.
  • Handling the resources for attending the informing units (free of charge phone lines, IVR, voice box, etc.).
  • Editing of documentation and dispatch to the informing units: questionnaires, letters, instructions.
  • Telephone follow-up for the correct implementation of the survey.
  • Elaboration of specific training programs for the agents, including the respective Agents Manual.
  • Depuration, codification, recording and validation of questionnaires.
  • Execution of the disciplinary procedures (when adequate).
  • Design of partial and total data files.
  • Statistical tabulation: sample weighting and expansion.
  • Analysis and elaboration of reports.

Below we list some of the tasks within the Plan Estadistico Nacional (National Statistics Plan) in which Análisis e Investigación has taken part during recent years:

  • Encuesta Industrial de Empresas (Industrial Survey of Companies).
  • Encuesta de Innovación Tecnológica (Survey on Technological Innovation).
  • Encuesta de Consumos Energéticos (Survey on Energy Consumption).
  • Censo Agrario (Agrarian Census).
  • Encuestación de bienes y servicios de paridades del poder adquisitivo (Products and services Survey of Parities of Purchasing Power).
  • Encuesta de Estructura Salarial (Salary Structure Survey).
  • Encuesta de Población Activa (Labour Force Survey).
  • Encuesta Anual de Estructura Salarial (Annual Survey on Salary Structure).

In a similar way, here are some of the statistical operations in which Análisis e Investigación has taken part in recent years:

  • Prueba Piloto de los Censos de Población y Vivienda (Pilot Test of Population and Housing Census).
  • Study on Attitudes, Uses and Equipment of Information and Communication Technologies in Spanish homes, split by Regions.
  • Study on the use of optical, electronic and digital supports.
  • Study on fraud in the internet.
  • Study on the Intellectual Property Rights within the Information and Communication Technologies sector.
  • Study of the housing demand in the city of Madrid.
  • Study of the potential demand, segmentation, positioning and buying habits in the emitting markets United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
  • Study of the Italian tourism Market in origin.
  • Control of the completeness and quality of the Directory of local units of economical activity within the Region of Madrid.
  • Study of the Non-Users of TDT.

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