Research for the New Society

Social patterns have undergone a revolution during recent decades: new values, other cultures and social forms, new ways of working and leisure time, mobility and accessibility of individuals and, of course, new products and services that have transformed the preferences and the mind of consumers.

Research also needs a new view and new methods. In this section, we list services, references and cases showing to you how our team of professionals insists in training, expertise and innovation:

  • The new systems for compiling information, which very far from the hard copy of questionnaires, use ultra light mobile applications to send real time information while the interview is executed.
  • The broadening of the 3G and GPS for the use of data in mobility and geo-positioning.
  • The design of systems to expose each individual to the most convenient type of interview, and the multi-channel web-based architectures allowing it.
  • Meeting rooms for groups with state-of-the-arte technologies for sensorial tests. The use of advanced equipments for ocular tracking, like eye tracking, applied among other to advertising research, allowing a better analysis of the visual routes of the users and knowing in an objective way what does attract or divert the attention.
  • But above all, new model and solutions. because the challenge of research has changed. New Research for the New Society: this is the commitment of Análisis e Investigación.

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